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Rack for Firewood Bag


Solid steel landing rack for firewood logs that are still in the carrier bag. Protects flooring and carpets from damp and dirty log bag bottoms with elevated platform on rubber feet. Safely keep your log bundles standing tall, tidy and good looking.

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Rack for Firewood Bag

Rack for Firewood Bag



PROTECT FLOORS AND CARPETING from dirt and moisture that collects on the bottom of your firewood carrier bag while loading it with logs outdoors. Nestle your firewood bag into a strong, elevated, solid steel holder rack when you bring it indoors. Vertical uprights safely keep the logs from shifting.

CREATE ATTRACTIVE DECOR FOR YOUR FIREPLACE ROOM. Don’t just plop that log carrier on the floor in a random spot for people to trip over!!! Our understated compact design keeps the focus on your beautiful waxed canvas firewood bag, proudly on display in its own landing space where it belongs.

STRONG, DURABLE, SCUFF AND RUST RESISTANT due to the electrolytically applied textured powder finish in Classic Black. This tough attractive surface will look great for years to come. The Solid steel material is far superior in looks and strength compared to cheap firewood racks made of hollow tubes.

SIMPLE ASSEMBLY locks into a sturdy solid steel structure with only 4 Phillips head screws.

WHATEVER BAG YOU USE, for best results, select a freestanding log bag with closed ends for easy loading, mess-free carrying, and classic good looks by your fireplace even when empty. This metal rack can hold any wood bag up to 14" wide but 11"-12" is the recommended bag width to allow for a bulging full load of logs.

Keep the dirt in the bag and the bag off the your floors.,

Bag bottoms get dirty and damp while loading logs at your outdoor woodpile.

LivinWell Solid Steel Holder Rack Showcases Your Firewood Log Carrier Bag and Protects Floors and Carpets using Elevated Strong Metal Landing Space with Vertical Sides to Safely Contain Bagged or Loose Wood Stacks by your Fireplace or Woodstove Powder Coated Finish in Classic Black

Quality you can see and feel

Strong solid steel structure locks together with four Philips Head screws