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LivinWell Guitar Pick Grips (16 pc)


Unique stick-on surface for your favorite guitar pick is super grippy, but not sticky, for better grip, comfort and control. Durable, washable and reusable when your pick wears out. Also great help for sufferers of guitar pick loss due to ailment, injury or aging.

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LivinWell Guitar Pick Grips (16 pc)

LivinWell Guitar Pick Grips (16 pc)

Upgrade your favorite guitar pick!

  • Improves pick control, comfort and confidence from beginners to experts, so you can play your best. Designed by a guitar player to improve on other stick on or slip over pick grips after trying all of them.  Read Steve's blog to understand how this product's success was built on the trials of previously existing products.

  • A unique array of tiny silicone posts provide flexibility and soft touch grip with no sticky surface. Even the sweatiest fingers won't drop picks or encounter the dreaded pick "spinning out of position."

  • Large super grippy, non-sticky, soft and comfortable, yet durable, washable and reusable. Peel off, stick-on surface improves touch, grip and control with less finger pressure. Helps you hold your pick in proper position to improve playing accuracy while strumming or picking.

  • Help for sufferers of grip loss due to ailments or injury such as carpal tunnel, arthritis, injury, very sweaty or dry skin. With less finger pressure needed to control the pick, many report they can finally enjoy playing for extended periods again.

  • Durable and reusable means low cost per pick. When the grip outlives your pick, just peel it off and stick it onto a new pick, even 2 or 3 times. Other stick-on grips are destroyed if you try to remove them. while slip-over types get stretched, worn and sloppy fitting with time.

  • 16 pcs per pack 1" x 3/4" x .8mm thin.  Upgrade 8 standard flat guitar picks front and back or 16 one side only.  Durable and washable grips are also reusable when your pick wears out.  Just peel the grip off of your old pick and stick it onto a new pick.  You can do this a few times for each grip before adhesion loss.

  • Small or odd size picks are no problem.  Trimmable to suit with scissors or blade for use with odd shapes, smaller, jazz size, or pick with a "non-pointy edge."  There is no real standard when it comes to how players use their picks. Useful for bass guitar, acoustic or electric guitar, mandolin, ukulele, auto harp, etc.

  • Translucent and washable food grade silicone rubber lets the colors of your favorite pick show through.

Focus on your awesome lead solo.

not on how to hold onto your pick

Maybe you have tried other stick-on or slip-on pick grips. Maybe you liked some of them. So did we. But they frustrated us because they still missed the mark in different ways. They were too thick, hard, small or all three at once. Yet, people bought them because they was nothing better - until now. We believe we have designed a better solution to pick control problems.

Our grips are especially helpful for anyone afflicted with some kind of grip loss in their fingers due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, injury, excessively sweaty or dry fingers.

Try our grips on your favorite pick to enjoy more pick control and accuracy than ever before.

So durable, that when they outlive your pick, you simply peel off the grips and stick them onto a new pick - even a few times each for great cost per pick. (No, our competitors cannot do that. Patent Pending!