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Firewood Carrier Bag


Large durable firewood log carrier tote bag is an attractive addition to your fireplace room décor. Stiff 16 oz waxed canvas will stand up on its own for easy log loading. Strong wraparound straps can never tear loose and closed end panels keep dirt in the bag.

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Firewood Carrier Bag

Firewood Carrier Bag

FIVE FEATURES YOU NEED IN A LOG BAG for years of good-looking durable service that will not mess up your home.

(1) Freestanding in opened position when empty to load easily hands-free. We use extra stiff waxed canvas and reinforced corner seam construction. Our firewood hauler will stand with no hidden plastic rods that will cut and poke out through the thickest cloth fabric in time.

(2) Strong straps can never tear loose because they wrap all the way around the bottom of the bag as you transport your heaviest wood or gear. No plastic, vinyl or leather straps that will age, break and ruin your campfire fun. Comfortable carry handle grip with Velcro keeps your bundles together.

(3) Closed-sided vertical end panels cannot leave debris on your home floors like a carrying bag with open ends that should only be used as an outdoor firepit accessory.

(4) Large capacity deep holder for big split fire logs and oversized kindling lifting. 12” x 24” long cloth basket is 12" high at the end panels at 15" tall on the long sides for tall stacks. Folds small for storage. Beware of decorative but very narrow or poorly constructed bags.

(5) Timeless decoration by your hearth built to last a lifetime. Tough 100% cotton, quality stitching and heavy 16oz waxed canvas. Material will look even better with use as creases and scrapes contribute to the bag's rustic vintage “patina." Premium brown color. Wipes clean with a damp cloth. Naturally moisture resistant so there are are no cheap looking plastic liners.

So, All FIVE FEATURES you really want and none you don't. We ditched the shoulder straps because our competitor's reviews and our own experience taught us they get dirty lying in mud and snow and are in the way in your home. So we listened and took them off.

Big, tough, great looking waxed canvas firewood bag stands alone.

Stiff, 16 oz. waxed canvas and reinforced corner seams let this bag stand tall and open for hands free loading. Closed ends keep the wood dirt off your floors. Strong reinforced wraparound straps can never tear loose.

Clean, neat and tidy

Turn your firewood bag into part of the fireplace room decor.

After years of carrying firewood to our own hearths we decided to create the wood bag we always wanted, but could not find. Our log carrier had to stand up on its own for easy loading. It had to be strong and durable with closed end panels that keep dirt inside. Finally, the bag would need a comfortable handle and reinforced wraparound straps that would never let us down. When we couldn't find all of this in one wood carrier that would keep looking great with years of hard use we made our own and we hope you like it.

Quality and Durability

Riveted cotton straps wrap all the way around the bag body so they can never tear loose.

Bundle with our companion solid steel landing platform and save.

Keep dirt in the bag and dirty bag bottoms off your floors with a clean combo deal. Rugged waxed canvas firewood bag with floor protecting steel rack. Rack sold separately or bundled with the bag here for savings.